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The Women’s Affordable Housing Network recognizes our members in a new initiative to highlight the women leading the charge in the Affordable Housing industry.

We have an amazing group of members doing some pretty cool things in our community and we would like to give you a shot-out!

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Today’s member spotlight is Amy Broadwater.  She is the Director of Finance at Sugar Creek Capital.

Prior to joining Sugar Creek in 2020, Amy was a tax partner at the accounting firm, RubinBrown LLP. While at RubinBrown, she provided tax and consulting services for real estate transactions involving tax credit incentives, including low-income housing tax credits, historic rehabilitation credits, New Markets tax credits, and renewable energy tax credits. She also helped lead the effort to open RubinBrown’s Nashville office. Amy received a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Grove City College, and she received a Master of Accountancy degree from Truman State University. She is a licensed Certified Public Accountant in Missouri and a member of the Missouri Society of CPAs. Amy is the current Secretary/Treasurer of The Housing Fund in Nashville, TN, which is a regional leader in affordable housing and community development initiatives. She is also currently serving on the finance committee for Food Outreach in St. Louis, MO, which provides nutritional support and enhances the quality of life for individuals living with HIV/AIDs or cancer.


Q&A with Amy Broadwater

Q1: Current Position & Responsibilites?
A: I am currently the Director of Finance/CFO-in-waiting with Sugar Creek Capital.  I love my position because it’s a mixture of responsibilities.  I get to work with our internal accounting team on reporting for our entities.  I get to work with our acquisitions team to help make introductions/enhance business relationships based on the network that I have from my 20 years in the LIHTC industry.  I also get to assist our underwriting team with help on financial questions and with the preparation/review of financial projections.  Tax planning is another key part of my position.  I’ve even helped our property management team with a compliance issue or two. 

Q2: How long have you been in this position and what influenced your decision to change positions in the industry?
A: I have been in this role for just over a year.  Prior to joining Sugar Creek, I was a partner with RubinBrown.  I worked for RubinBrown in their real estate group for almost 19 years.  I was in RubinBrown’s St. Louis office for the majority of that time, but I did help start RubinBrown’s Nashville office in 2015.

During the pandemic, I was by myself in Nashville, and I really missed my family, who were back in St. Louis.  Then, out of the blue, the opportunity with Sugar Creek Capital, who is a long time RubinBrown client, came to me.  It was a hard decision to leave RubinBrown, but it has been the right one for me.  Sugar Creek is a well-respected state tax credit syndicator, and I love that Sugar Creek has a more direct role of bringing low-income housing tax credit properties to fruition.  I have to say that I am so grateful to be back in St. Louis with my family and working for a great company, but the best part of my new position just may be no more keeping track of my time! 

Q3: How long have you been involved with WAHN? 
A: My involvement with WAHN is just beginning.  I was able to meet with Ashley and Millie while I was at the Georgia Affordable Housing Conference in September.  With their energy and excitement, how can you not want to be a part of WAHN?!

Q4: Why did you join WAHN? 
A: Over the past few years, I have attended many women’s events in our industry.  These events have had a big impact on me.  I have learned something from every event and speaker, and I have appreciated the networking opportunities.  Joining WAHN will allow me to continue learning and networking, but it will also give me the chance to give back to the industry I love.

Q5: What is your number one hope for being in this organization? 
A: I would love to start a Missouri chapter that will allow industry veterans to share their experiences and will help to recruit and grow the number of women in the affordable housing industry.

Q6: What are the critical changes or issues that need to be addressed to continue to expand or improve the affordable housing program?
A: In my opinion, the biggest impact would be the passing of the Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act.  A couple of key provisions, the expansion of the 9% credit and the lowering the tax-exempt bond test from 50% to 25%, would allow for the production or preservation of over 1 million additional affordable homes over the next decade.  The past 18 months have put a spotlight on how important affordable housing is, and we need the supply of affordable homes to increase significantly.  I think that this bill helps to get us part of way there.

Q7: What is your biggest professional accomplishment?
A: So far, my biggest professional accomplishment was taking the risk to open RubinBrown’s Nashville office.  I was on the ground by myself for about 2 ½ years before adding people to the Nashville team.  It forced me way out of my comfort zone, but I can definitely look back on my time in Nashville with pride.  It was a really rewarding experience.

Q8: In terms of networking, who are key people for you to meet with in the industry? (Not names but key types of introductions)
A: Key types of introductions for me would be developers, especially those working in states with state tax credits.  But, the LIHTC industry is such a small one, it seems that any introduction could be a key one.

Q9: What is a fun fact about you?
A: I am a proud mom to a now one-year old mini goldendoodle named Finnegan. 

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